At IPMS GROUP, we offer our clients to sell their residential property by being away from the daunting work of searching for a potential customer and follow up of all the paper works.

Anyone who wants to sell any property shall contact us by giving details of the property, such as:
Location, Type, Area, Expected price.

What we do as we get your order?

  1. Speak to you to get brief description of the property
  2. Fix an inspection
  3. Visit the property for Evaluation
  4. Screen the property documents for verification
  5. Discussion to assist you about the market price
  6. Advertise the property in national newspapers
  7. Inform our existing customers about the available property for sale
  8. Visits to show the property to the customers
  9. Once we find a potential customer, send their profile to you
  10. Negotiate on your behalf
  11. Fixing an appointment for executing deed.
  12. Transfer the finalized property value to your account from the customer
  13. Get the transaction done completely and smoothly

We at IPMS GROUP, offer a trustworthy, relaxed and complete transparent transaction; to keep you away from the hectic work of finding a potential buyer, negotiate and to finalize.

S.No. Services Offered Services Includes Enquiry


Property Selling Services

  1. Speak to you to get the property description.
  2. Fix an inspection of the property.
  3. Property Evaluation.
  4. Screening of Property Documents.
  5. Market price assistance.
  6. Advertisements in Local Newspaper.
  7. Information to our existing customers.
  8. Property visits to show customers your property.
  9. Potential customer profile sent to you.
  10. Negotiation on your behalf.
  11. Appointment to execute the deal.
  12. Transfer of deposit.
  13. Getting the transaction done completely & smoothly. 

* The brokerage for property selling is 2% of the total value of the property.

** The property selling services are available on monthly basis ( includes 4 advertisements in the local newspaper  & ads on best property websites).