At IPMS GROUP, we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers when it comes to professional commercial property management services in Jaipur. We specialize in the management of your property whether it is rented or vacant.

In Jaipur, Property Management comes down to dependable, cost-efficient and professional maintenance. Therefore, we focus on:

The physical maintenance of your rented/vacant commercial properties, thanks to our relationship with qualified vendors and service professionals.

Payment of your property bills, even for investors who live in other parts of the city/country.

We provide House-keeping services as and when required by the clients for their vacant/occupied commercial property.

By providing property monitoring, security and inspection services, we make sure that our client’s property is safe and secure.

Moreover, We also provide minor repair services, which adds to the bunch of quality services offered to the clients for their commercial properties.

As a full service IPMS GROUP, we offer the most comprehensive and cost effective management solutions in the industry for CommercialProperty Management.

As a Team, The IPMS GROUP, not only anticipate your complete satisfaction, but, we also depend on it.

The best part of IPMS GROUP, is that we allow our customers to customize the services according to their needs and requirements.

The customers can either directly select the services required by viewing our packages offered, or can directly write to us.

S.No. Services Offered Services Includes Enquiry


House Keeping Services

  1. Up-keeping & maintaining the premises 
  2. Floor cleaning 
  3. Window cleaning & wall cleaning
  4. Carpet & upholstery vacuum cleaning
  5. Pest control 


Property Monitoring Services

  1. Keeping a watch on the property 
  2. Taking care of unauthorized trespassing  
  3. Regular updates to customers 


Monthly Bills Settlement Services

  1. Water Bill 
  2. Electricity Bill 
  3. Telephone Bill  
  4. Newspaper Bill 


Property Inspection Services

  1. Personal visits to your property 
  2. Photography 
  3. Videography 


Maintainance & Repair Services

  1. Minor Plumbing Repair 
  2. Electrical Repair 
  3. Minor Carpentry Repair 
  4. A/c Maintenance 
  5. Garden Maintenance