As the premier Property Management Company in Jaipur, IPMS GROUP leads the way when it comes to quality services and professional delivery at affordable rates. As the foundation of this success, our process has been designed with each client in mind- serving to meet the individual requirements of your commercial property.

The client-centered approach coupled with the steadfastadherence of out specialist team, result in the expertise your property deserves in today's competitive environment.

Therefore, IPMS GROUP has another major division, i.e. Leasingservices which cater the needs of the customers to management rentals and tenancy of their commercial property.

Non-resident Jaipurites as well as Non- resident Indians who has their commercial properties like offices or buildings can be benefitted by this service.

The customers can either directly select the services required by viewing our packages offered, or can directly write to us.

Review our contract with you

Our contract expresses exactly what we're going to do for you, and clearly dictates the costs associated. We want you to understand the contract, so you can see what a great deal you're getting.

Lease-Ready Property

If your property is lease-ready- we skip this step. If not, you can be assured of our consistent level of professionalism in dealing with this line of work, particularly in the area of maintenance where we contract to vetted experts who deal with your property at highly affordable rates.

Market your Property

A. We will market your property to find prospective tenants via posting your rental proposal onto property websites in India.
B. We will flaunt your property for what it's worth through the use of professionally taken photography and video packages.

Thorough Analysis

Credit Check
We don't mess around with our credit checks - as our reviews are strictly enforced to ensure we gather only the best tenants.

Background Check
Are you concerned about criminal backgrounds? IPMS GROUP excludes candidates with any such record.

Employ verification
IPMS GROUP only takes on tenants who have proven income stability and employment status. These checks are vital to guarantee fewer vacancy cycles - something we aim to protect you from at all costs.

S.No. Services Offered Services Includes Enquiry


Tenant Management Services

  1. Finding a tenant
  2. Advertising in newspaper (4 times/month)
  3. Advertising on property websites
  4. Advertising via emails
  5. Representing the client
  6. Communication on behalf of the client
  7. Negotiation on behalf of the client
  8. Property visits for prospects
  9. Background check
  10. Police Verification
  11. Rental/Lease Agreement (Charges Extra)
  12. Rent collection & deposits (Monthly basis)
  13. Payment of property tax
  14. Payment of electricity & water bills (Monthly basis)
  15. Monthly maintenance charges
  16. Vacant property maintenance (Once/month)
  17. Key-holding services