Terms and Conditons

Welcome to a quality service from Ipmsgroup.in .ipmsgroup.in (herein referred to as IPMS GROUP) is a service from ANKKIT TRADING CORPORATION. IPMS GROUP provides property management services to its customers subject to the following terms of service. Completion of the registration process and clicking on the “I Agree” button by the customer implies acknowledgment of and acceptance to be bound by the said terms of the agreement.


1)    Upon registration the customer receives access to an account through a user id and a password. The customer must take due care to protect the confidentiality of his/her account. It is suggested that you change your login information once the customer suspects any mode of account tampering.


2)    To enable us to provide this service, the customer must provide the correct information during the registration process and update it whenever necessary to maintain it current, complete and accurate.


3)    The customer confers the right on IPMS GROUP to share his/her information with the third parties which may include, but not limited to government agencies. This information shall however exclude the customer’s personal information such as name, postal address, email address, phone /cell numbers.


4)    The customer shall not interfere with the rights and privileges of other customers and failure to adhere to this agreement shall entitle IPMS GROUP to terminate the contract.


5)    All the prices are inclusive of Service tax 14%.


6)    IPMS GROUP reserves the right to change the terms of services as and when it considers necessary, with/without prior notice to the customer. The changes will however be reflected promptly on our website for your information.


7)    IPMS GROUP reserves the right to alter or discontinue any or all of the services without a notice to the customer and shall not be held liable to the customer or any third party for the same.


8)    IPMS GROUP shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, resulting from the use or the inability to use the service. IPMS GROUP shall neither be liable for the consequences arising out of the customer’s failure to furnish data, irrespective of whether the probability of the damages was communicated to IPMS GROUP. Wherever the jurisdictions do not permit the limitation or exclusion of liability for incidental or consequential damages, the above limitations may not apply.


9)    Rates quoted are for services provided within Jaipur Municipal Corporation limits + 10 KM, inclusive of taxes.


10)  Cancellation and refund policy: In case you wish to cancel remaining term of the service anytime, we will refund unused portion of your service after deducting cost of service already provided.


11)  Although in few cases authority letter would be sufficient, most real estate related work needs Power of Attorney in order to smoothly and effectively perform tasks on your behalf. Hence it is highly recommended that you give us limited Power of Attorney. POA can be created if you are abroad or in India. We do not take responsibility of non-completion of work due to lack of a valid POA. Good news is if you purchase anyone of our packages, POA will be created at no additional cost to you. Also, you can choose POA to expire at a certain date and can revoke it anytime. In case, POA is to be registered, the registration expenses will be borne by you (customer).


12)  We put our customers' interest ahead of ours and make best efforts to get the job done to your satisfaction, however many a times job completion depends on cooperation from others (society, builder, developer, utility companies, banks, insurance companies, tenants, etc), hence we cannot guarantee work completion.


13)  To perform any repairs, maintenance, or other work for which cost is not known before hand we need your approval for estimate that we will provide and advance payment.


14)  Services based on number of hours of work: Hours would include travel time from our office (RIICO INDUSTRIAL AREA, MANSAROVAR, JAIPUR) to your property and back, and actual time spent on the job.


15)  Material and services obtained from third parties on actual cost basis unless otherwise stated. Expenses to get necessary permissions and approvals will be charged on actual basis. Payments made to government agencies, third parties with your approval will be charged on actual basis.


16)  Services are non-transferable (from one person to another and from one property to the other).


17)  We reserve right to terminate service in case it is extremely difficult to provide service due to non-cooperation from third parties, legal conflicts, safety and hazard issues, unreasonable use, abuse of our services. In such cases we will refund your money after appropriating cost already incurred.


18)  Our liability is limited to the charges collected from you for our services after deducting for actual expenses incurred.


19)  We reserve right to reject, terminate service if it is found that our services are abused or used excessively.


20)  Copyrights: Material on www.ipmsgroup.in cannot be copied or reproduced in any form unless link to www.ipmsgroup.in or any of its pages is included/ displayed/ provided/ referred. Providing link to this site or any of its pages can be done without any restrictions.